Give Me My Tote: Men + Their Tote Bags

Give Me My Tote:  Men + Their Tote Bags

Men only carry wallets and backpacks right? Well, likely it depends on where you live. Typically, it's normal for American men to tote a wallet and on a rare occasion a shoulder bag or backpack. Well, step aside to the old ways of the olden days. Men toting bags is not really so much a new thing, but it has become a matter of style and a bag of convenience.

If you've ever shopped in California then you know that bags don't come free. And I'm talking just regular plastic bags from Walmart.  These days every accessory connected to our body bands and defines our personal style statement, so too has a little reusable thing called the tote bag.

GQ rightfully spotlighted some gentlemen who sharply accessorized with the less common and simple tote bag. tote bags 

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