What's Your Personal Fashion Trademark?

What's Your Personal Fashion Trademark?

When it comes to your work wear or day to day wear, what are you known for? Is it for always wearing dressing classy, scruffy, or just being unpredictable.

Your style is a character statement. Let's face the facts, people size you up by mostly your appearance.

For me, it's not a signature color or jewelry piece, but you can just count on me to put some overall thought into what I'm wearing.

Here's a few other's who are known for their signature trademark style.


You don't have to be gothic in a black trench coat and black makeup to make the color back cool and classic. Just observe Tom Ford. Ford is an iconic fashion designer having designed for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Tom now has his own self-titled fashion line which he has incorporated his trademark style and the color black. Ford is known for his black suit, white shirt, and black tie or bow tie.

It's ok to sport your favorite color every day. If you find a color that works for you go for it.


Growing up for me meant dressing up for church on Sunday mornings. Suit and tie or shirt and tie became a standard for my Sunday's best. If I had it my way, every day I'd be in my Sunday's best.

Matt Jacobson is Facebook's #8 employee. Matt told Esquire magazine that he takes note from his father who wore Brooks Brothers suits and ties. Matt is known as one of Facebook's most stylish reps. Matt told Esquire "when I went back to tech, I wanted to be taken seriously, and so I started wearing a coat and tie every day. And I get unbelievably good service everywhere I go. A friend of mine always says, 'If you're wearing a jacket and tie and carrying a clipboard, you can get in anywhere'."

Consider branding yourself by an outfit. It can be a classic t-shirt and denim jeans like James Dean or suit and tie like Jacobson. It certainly saves time on those days when you're struggling to figure out to wear.


You can really take things up a notch make your mark with accessories. It may be simple as a signature chain or bling watch, but how many accessories is enough?

Mark Anthony Green might tell you there's never enough rings. His one ring led to a fist full of rings. Might as well call him "Lord of the Rings"...as long as it doesn't lead to a sucker punch with a fist full of rings.

Find your one thing and stick to it. Don't be afraid to establish a personal style trademark that will get people to notice and get them talking.

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