U.S. Navy Veteran Brings Shirt Stays to the Masses

U.S. Navy Veteran Brings Shirt Stays to the Masses

Staple of the military uniform dress gets a modern update

The U.S. military expects a lot of its servicemen and women, including the operation of weaponry and vehicles, execution of complex missions, and even administration of medical services.  But not all military duties are a matter of life and death.  For Navy veteran Gerald Triplett, personal appearance was just as important.  “For 16 years, I wore the uniforms of the Navy, and I had to be inspection ready, neat and clean.  We wore shirt stays as a way to keep our shirts tucked and present a sharp look,” he said.  The Navy’s strict dress code made a lasting impression on Triplett and inspired SIVEL + SHARP his men’s clothing and accessory brand.

SIVEL + SHARP, pronounced “civil and sharp”, is a nod to both his civil service career (in which he started as a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and worked his way to officer) and dapper dress in both military uniforms and civilian wear.  “I was raised as a Baptist boy in the south, always dressing up for church, and then I moved into the military where uniform regulations and appearance are part of a daily ritual,” he said.  “Now, I’m bringing those same style hacks and accessories into my civilian style.”

Triplett started the brand in 2017 with a selection of premium collar stays, all engraved with the SIVEL + SHARP logo.  After achieving some success, he diversified the label’s inventory, adding leather valet trays, hats, bags, jewelry, shirts, and now, shirt stays.


Shirt stays with style

Shirt stays, also known as classic shirt holders or shirt garters, gained popularity at the end of the 18th century.  They’re essentially elastic straps that attach shirttails to socks and keep fabric from bunching around the waist—think of them as suspenders for your shirts.  U.S. military servicemen used them to keep their shirts tucked while marching in parades.  Today, they’re still a staple of the various military branches, but they’ve also attracted legions of dedicated fans in other professions as well as dapper men who prefer a crisp look at all times.
SIVEL + SHARP shirt stays are comfortable, easy to wear, and suit all types of lifestyles.  They’re durable, maintaining their elasticity through repeated use and washings.  And the heavy-duty, non-slip rubber clips ensure shirts stay tucked all day long.  Unlike the shirt stays of yesteryear, these garters are offered in a wide range of colors including black and white polka dots, navy gold anchors, and camouflage.


Making a difference

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, SIVEL + SHARP is a black-owned, veteran-owned company with its sights set on a bigger mission.  All of its products are crafted by a small batch manufacturer in Denver, CO, keeping everything American made.  And the brand puts the customer first, offering a 60-day money back guarantee and selling everything direct to consumer, with free shipping, through its website and Amazon Prime.

But even more important, Triplett’s company offers a glimmer of hope to the more than 20 million military veterans in the United States.  Though he’s motivated by a desire to share style hacks with a wide audience, he’s also supporting small business, championing customer service, and serving as a role model for other vets. 
Even when it comes to style, Triplett understands that we expect more of our servicemen.

Author: Jefferey Spivey for Uptown Bourgeois


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