I've Got Issues: SIVEL+SEPTEMBER Issues

I've Got Issues: SIVEL+SEPTEMBER Issues

I have issues. Page turning issues.

What magazine pages are you turning these days? As for me, for starters, you can count on me reading just about every issue of GQ and Men's Health (mostly out of habit now). And if there's any issue you need to grab, it's September's. For fashion and lifestyle magazines, September issues introduce the fall season. You can count on the September issue to be filled with ads from all of the major brands with the looks and product trends for the inbound fall season. I would almost compare it to a roll out of the best Super Bowl commercials, just in print. Brands from Levi's and Gap to luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are showing you what to wear, what to buy it, and how to wear it. The one thing they neglected to do is give me the dollars to shop.

Beyond all the great ads, there are some good articles like pg.85 "Guide to Bespoke" in DEPARTURES magazine. The article highlight made-to-order suiting from Ermenegildo Zegna, Nike's Bespoke studio, and custom-made button down shirts (the perfect matchup for some luxury collar stays.) 

I'm not vain, but don't mind if I do turn to pg. 96 to read "How to Be Vain: A Modern Man's Primer" in GQ. In pursuing my "ode to self-care" here are some good grooming tips to preserve my sexy.

In this digital age, don't mind if I do download a free digital issue of Men's Health magazine from the local library. Perks and benefits of a being a library card holder, a local tax payer, and a digital content subscriber.

Reading is fundamental, especially when learning the fundamentals of style. So what pages are you turning this month?

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